RouterHosting is better!

2x Better than Cloudzy

You know those VPS hosting providers who are constantly slow? You'll be faster than most cloud providers, no matter what their name is (x, y or z), with our single core 3.5+ GHz Performance (guaranteed)

VPS 512

$ 40 /year
  • 512 MB RAM


  • Linux Only

Most popular

VPS 2.1

$ 9.95 /month
  • 2 GB RAM

  • 1 Core CPU @3.6+ Ghz

  • 20 GB NVME SSD Disk Storage

  • 1 TB Bandwidth Transfer @1 Gbps

  • Windows 2016 RDP Datacenter & Linux

VPS 4.2

$ 19.95 /month
  • 4 GB RAM

  • 2 Cores @3.6+ Ghz

  • 30 GB NVME SSD Storage

RouterHosting is faster!

So fast it's like you're not even in the clouds!

You might be thinking, "It's not just about CPU performance." We also have new NVME SSDs that are 2x faster than the previous generation

RDP Remote Access

When you select Windows 2016 Datacenter as the operating system, RDP access credentials will be in your inbox

VNC Remote Access

Imagine you're sitting at our data center, connecting mouse, keyboard and screen to your server

Automated Free Backups

With all disasters in the world today, we realized you don't want any additional stress, so every plan comes with free weekly backups

Instant Activation

In just two and a half minutes of payment, you'll be able to log into your virtual private server

KVM Hypervisor

You're a sophisticated geek looking for the finest performance and security available: KVM hypervisors are in use

Enterprise Grade Hardware

Feel like a badass knowing you're using top of the line hardware

Frequently asked questions

We have the best customer support team because they're always willing to help--even if you don't know what you're asking for. You can open a ticket here. We're here to help. And make you laugh.

Who is RouterHosting?
RouterHosting is run by 1357282 B.C. LTD. based in Canada🍁. Learn More
RouterHosting Promo Code?
Avoid wasting time by searching through scam sites for routerhosting promo codes. If any promo codes are available, we will publish them on our announcements page.
How do you make holy water?
We boil the hell out of it.

RouterHosting is Trustworthy

What makes us different

AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, etc., cannot keep their hardware infrastructure at the edge. Most have a maximum single-core speed of 2.5 GHz.

Game servers, on the other hand, typically use only one thread at a time. You'll be able to take on anyone, anywhere, anytime with our industry-leading single-core performance of 3.5+ GHz.
We're more than just game servers. Our latest technology and top-notch hardware will make you feel as if you're in the future. We also think it's crazy when competition charge for region selection, OS selection or backups. We don't! All the features are included with every plan.

Transparent Pricing

Never feel ripped off again with our transparent pricing! Transparent pricing means that you pay exactly the listed price, unlike others who have you pay 3 years in advance to get their listed price, what a joke!
We have no hidden fees/upsells/addons. You can buy at exact listed price and enjoy our reliable VPS services.

What's the catch?

There is no catch! We want you to be happy with your purchase.
Still not convinced? Check out our reviews and see what others are saying about us. We're confident that you'll be happy you made the switch.

Thank you for choosing RouterHosting!

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We're all about making life easy for you. By simplifying things, we can focus on providing the best possible customer experience and Making Your Life Easier.

Lucas Riley

Lucas Riley

Product Manager at RouterHosting

Award winning support

We're here to help

We want to make switching from your current provider as easy as possible. Why not take a few minutes to benchmark your current VPS against ours? We think you will be surprised at just how much better ours is!
While we always love getting questions from our fans, if you need assistance with anything please feel free to submit a ticket.
We'll be happy help!